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NPI and Contract Manufacturing
From Concept to Product

Cellpoint takes your product demos and ideas from concept to reality - quickly. 

Integration and contract manufacturing
  • High mix, customized appliances, servers, and electronic products. 

  • Custom motherboards, Supermicro, Dell, HP. 

  • Custom branding and bezels.

Product development and engineering

Whether you have a sketch on a napkin, or a full BOM and production plan, we accelerate the next phase in your product development and lifecycle. 



Edge / Fog

Development, validation, and manufacturng services for a variety of complex, high-mix, low to medium volume technology-based products. 

Our customers are nimble and dynamic companies looking to launch products quickly with minimal overhead. Our supply chain and life-cycle management strategies help you develop, refine, and manufacture products,

both near-shore and off-shore, as an extension of your team.

New Product Introduction (NPI) for

hardware and software solutions. 

Innovate.  Accelerate. 

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