The Future is LiquidCooled

Ultra-high performance can now go anywhere with a new generation of liquid cooling technology.

Simple, inexpensive, and flexible, liquid cooled servers and computing devices can now take advantage of the latest liquid cooling technology, backed by dozens of patents worldwide.

Edge and Fog Applications

Power your edge applications with true high-performance computing architecture. 

There are no limits to which CPUs can be used. 

Ultra-high performance with ultra-low power draw, and very small footprint. 

Low-Latency Applications

Wether you have a sketch on a napkin, or a full BOM and prodution plan, we accelerate the next phase in your product development and lifecycle. 

Data Centers

Your data center can be a high-density computing powerhouse while running green and clean. 

Cut energy use by 20%  with PUE as low as 1.02 - that's not a typo. 

Run 50 kW, or more, compute power in standard racks.

Swapping a system takes less than two minutes.

Harsh Environments

Servers are completely sealed, water-proof and dust-proof.  

Extreme longevity and reliability since there are no fans to fail.

Liquid immersion dramatically extends the lifespan of electronic components.

Clean office and clean-rooms

Virtually silent without fans, power your high-security apps in your office. 

No need for a server closet.  Racks are ulta-small footprint and nearly silent. 

Perfect for medical exam rooms, clean-rooms, small offices.