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Hardware:      Rackmount, appliance, storage hardware.  IoT devices.   Alternative energy products.

Software:        Full-stack solutions - Cloud architecture and applications.  Firmware.  Data anaylsis applications.

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Contract Manufacturing and 
Supply Chain Management

Cellpoint takes an integrative approach consisting of all stages in fulfilling customer requests.  It includes resources from Near Shore to Off Shore to achieve maximum efficiency driven by requirements.  The design of the Supply Chain incorporates all steps on the life of the product from New Product, produced in small quantities locally, to full scale mass production in Asia while maintaining full flexibility for customization and post sales support.

New Product Introduction

Cellpoint provides manufacturing, development, and validation for a variety of complex, high-mix, low to medium volume technology-based products. Our customers are nimble and dynamic companies looking to launch products quickly with minimal overhead.     


Test your idea on a bread board.

Validate your PCB design.

Build product concepts.

Integrate firmware and hardware.

Connect devices to the cloud. 

Transition to your next lifecycle phase. 


Product Development Acceleration

Whether you have a sketch on a napkin, or a full BOM and production plan, we accelerate the next phase in your product development and lifecycle. 

Cloud Platforms
Full Stack Software Development

Great products are not just hardware, they often consist of hardware, firmware, apps, and cloud solutions to provide the complete product, and a seamless and effective customer experience.  
Do you know what components work best for your cloud solution?  
Do you need single or multi-threaded processing?
Can you understand and make good use of the data generated by sensors in your system?
What network protocols best fit your application?  
What network protocols best fit your application?

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