The Cellpoint Team

Richard provides strategic leadership for Cellpoint, emphasizing sales, strategic partnerships, intellectual property development, and new ventures.  He has created OEMs in several markets including wireless infrastructure, IoT hardware and software, and alternative energy which gives Cellpoint a unique understanding of  it's client's requirements.  He is passionate about product design, climbs rocks ocasionally, and practices martial arts. 

Richard Stephens


Newton provides executive level operational expertise and strategic planning.  He has helped several companies grow to more than $1 Billion in revenue with executive leadership roles in consumer electronics (Litl and Jawbone), and has supported customer business operations for hardware & software OEMs including IBM, Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Lexar, Acer, Maxtor, Seagate, Foundry, and Netgear.  He is an avid sailor, RV'er, and speaks five languages.

Newton Paskin


Gray has worked with technology clients in Silicon Valley for many years, helping them with services to develop and produce their products quickly and efficiently.  Gray's knowledge of product development lifecycles and his connections in the electronics supply chain creates a valuable resource helping small customers grow rapidly, and helping large customers bring products out of the lab and to market quickly. 

When he's not serving his customers, you can often find Gray on a golf course.


Gray DeRenzi


VP of Sales and Marketing

Daryl has a long history in electro-mechanical design and product development, as well as operational management.  He has developed and produced products including storage systems, messaging appliances, defense and communications devices, and power equipment.  He has worked for technology firms both large and small, including Motorola, and was an early stage engineer at NetApp.  He is an avid outdoorsman, and active in his community.  


 Daryl Langdon 

Director of Operations

Scott has a diverse background in "full stack" software architecture, coding and enterprise solutions. He puts tremendous emphasis on planning and organizing his software projects to produce elegant and efficient solutions with the most appropriate technologies and components. His experience ranges from the enterprise to mobile devices, and he's also proficient in IoT hardware and firmware design. His passions include practicing and teaching martial arts, and has spent many years racing bicycles.

Scott Smith


Director of Software Development

Paul is a product development expert and seasoned business strategy consultant, with a unique combination of hardware design, and application development.  He has developed home power monitoring systems, electronic musical instruments, and IoT devices.  He also designed and managed big data projects for Ebay, PayPal, Wells Fargo, and PG&E.  His passions include writing and recording music, and making the world a better place with electronics.   


Paul Weber



Director of Electronic and Software Solutions